A model for real Sim City

The famous game of Sim City is definitely what is meant when we talk about land use planning. The GIS is a system for designing a real Sim City. This technique is hardly used in practice, because it includes a series of operations that affect professionals in land use planning. I have imposed in order to create a template to apply logic to the towns of Sim City, in line with several exercises that can be found on the web, refer to the most virtuous citizens, but also related to projects of various universities around the world. My daily work involves the application of practical solutions to solve the most common procedures for the technical administration, but the management of these procedures implemented without a model on which to build, makes it difficult for the modeling of a Sim City. In this forum I hope to open a discussion on how to build a model part Sim City starting immediately with the most elementary basics like when you start playing the famous game. I am not a programmer, but I am a land use planner that uses the most popular tools available on the web. I think it is opportune to start with a mashup of GoogleMaps, then you must then create interfaces in PHP and automate the calculation of the indicators, and finally build a database like Postgres. I think that all this is achievable and start an open source-style project is ambitious and, above all, curious. Do not you think?

I forgot to apologize for my English, which I have several difficulties. This is the way to increase my knowledge of this language. I’m sorry.

Thank you.