A massive relation got messed up, please help?

I don’t know if I messed this up or how it’s working because the natural wood cuts through the map to the left. If anyone could help fixing the natural wood that would be appreciated!

Hi and welcome to the forum!

The link you provided is not working for me for some reason. Could you provide a link to the object? You can copy / paste the address after selecting the relation.

The link should work now.
The line is highlighted in red in the example image.

Yep, now it’s working. I just ran a quick check. That area is full of errors. I will need to look into it later as I will be off my machine in a second).

Some things that caught my attention: please be so kind to use good changeset comments when editing (Good changeset comments - OpenStreetMap Wiki) and only use name=* when an object actually has a name (e.g. “Tennis Courts” is not a name). More info here: Good practice - OpenStreetMap Wiki

At anyone who’s quicker than me: feel free!

Quick update, as I found the main problem with the forest MP seconds after the last message: The forest should now be fixed. All in all there’s too many features overlapping each other. Forest, golf course, school, recreation ground… That needs some structure.

Please review the golf courses. There is no need to use MP relations or boundaries to map a golf course. Please refer to Tag:leisure=golf_course - OpenStreetMap Wiki on how to do it. If running into problems, let me or any other mapper know :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for fixing that.

I would need guidance to clean those items you are talking about. Some of them were already like that.

Also, how do I separate this natural wood so it doesn’t go over the road?