A Israel bot to standarize OSM data

We should take care of very important things instead of running through the map and doing a copy of name to name:he.

So I would like to suggest a kind of bot that is taking care of some things in Israel and doing some automatic fixings:


  • adding “name:he=…” if the name tag already exists and if its in Hebrew only.
  • adding fixings of brand vs operator all over Israel
  • fixing the shortcuts of street, footway etc. Currently we have sometimes written a shortcut, and sometimes the long version.
  • Logging of changes into a wiki page, to see if the bot goes wild and changing wrong things.
  • Bot will only start every X weeks and it is announced before it starts its job :slight_smile: Maybe twitter ?

TalKat has run once a script fixing all name:he values.
But this is a while ago and he is not answering anymore regarding the OSM project :frowning:

@yrtimiD: You asked how to create such a bot. Here are some links:

I’m not able to program such a bot by myself but if the connections are existing I’m willing and able to configure or adjust things.

Anybody interested in this kind of project?

Currently i’m quite busy on another osm-related project, but soon i’ll be abble to check this.

Is exists any method to extract only data within Israel borders?

good question… experiencing the same problem.
Streets from Jordan, Syria and Libanon are in the Geofabrik export named Israel/Palestine…

Can’t we use the israel.poly from this Cloudmade?

Just checked it and the output has half the size:

osmconvert israel_motorway.o5m -B=israel.poly --csv=“@id @lon @lat highway ref name name:en” -o=israel_motorway.csv

In my first overview there are really only israeli roads included.

And if you want to start with one small area only you can use the extracts for:

  • Golan
  • Hadarom
  • Haifa
  • Hamerkaz
  • Hazafon
  • Jerusalem
  • Tel Aviv

Niiiice! Thanks!

I saw that the Israeli Poly file includes the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force Area between Syria and Israel that is controlled by Syria.
So you will have strange results… I opened a issue at cloudmade and ask to change it (http://developers.cloudmade.com/issues/show/1177).

Beside that a tip:
You should also include the westjordanland *.poly in your query as I expect Israel to be taking care of the streets there:

Gaza should be not part of our business :slight_smile:

Yesterday I used israel.poly to process all gas stations and I think it was successful.

I see we just need to define our poly of region we want to manage. Does anybody know any comfortable tool to create poly files?

There seem several tools outside… never tested it.

Check out the section “Converting to/from POLY format” from the following wiki page.

Here is one example:
or this Perl Script: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Boundaries.pl

Just a reminder, you should read http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Automated_Edits_code_of_conduct

http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mechanical_Edit_Policy might also be useful