A dedicated HOWTO subforum?

Would this be useful or should HOWTO’s be put in the wiki? Personally, I think of the wiki as a better place for such topics because everyone can collaborate on the text.

Sadly the commenting system on wikis sucks… :wink: But I agree it’s alot better to create a howto on the wiki, but then I’m a wikifreak.

It would be neat to see the forum being used as the ‘discussion/talk’ page in the wiki, seamlessly integrating them. But that is a utopia I’m afraid.

I think it’s a good idea and I would vote for a “how-to+” section on the forum which seems to lack a general section for “sharing” experiences, tips and tricks, how-to… The subforum could be wide then: ~ “Sharing experiences, how-to, tips and tricks, …”

Arguments for:

  • discussion sucks on wiki (or at least not everybody is comfortable with it)
  • some people wouldn’t write small tips on the wiki
  • it’s always possible to do a copy/paste on the wiki if the author doesn’t do it himself

My 2 cents

Arguments against,

  • they tend to get unwieldy, very long discussions and you are never sure it’s updated.
  • another place to look for information.

But you are right, a tips, tricks, and how to section might be nice…