A couple of questions about roads

  1. Is it ever right to tag a road as highway=unclassified in towns?
  2. If a road has no housing of its own but leads to a residential street how should it be tagged?
  1. I think so, yes. From the wiki: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:highway%3Dresidential

You can have primary/seceondary/tertiary roads in towns, which may or may not have houses next to them, unclassified is the next level down. But still slightly more important than residential, as it might be a through road etc.

  1. That does sound rather like an unclassified road, or it could be residential. How long is it? What is beside it if its not houses? Does it have a streetname? Is it a through road, or does it just lead to just one residential street?

I know of two; one is Leo Street in Peckham, which is a through road with a residential street and a caravan park off it; the other is the drive to the German School in Ham, also in London, with a residential close off it.

As for unclassified roads, IÂ’ve been wading through a lot of obviously residential streets tagged that way and IÂ’m wondering how ruthless I should be.