a bout piclayer

i dont know why background pic(raster map) moving when I move map layer to up or down or left …
its not stick to map layer(general layer)
could you help me,?

Which application are you referring to?

piclayer plugin in josm

You write “pic is moving when moving map”. So IT IS sticked to map…

In JOSM you initialy have the data-layer (nodes and ways). You can add aerial- or satelite images as background. You can also add your own images as a background with the piclayer-plugin.

So which layer(s) is(are) moving together and which not, when you drag the right-mouse-button and move the mouse?

yes,both layers move when drag them ,but piclayer so slower than top layer.means when drag both layers to left, background moved to left too,but with a little diffrence
piclayer is lazy

I think i should ask a question again .
Do you know why my background(piclayer,raster map,JPEG or PNG format)in JOSM has problem?
Piclayer is not stick to map layer correctly , and not move fine.when I move them with right click,both of them moved but pic layer moving is slower than map layer

could I solve this if I change(add) in source code?know about this?

You should open a ticket at http://josm.openstreetmap.de/ for this issue.