A beginner's introduction to OSM and a pre-primer guide for Potlatch

Hi all
With the assistance of experienced and inexperienced OSMers I have written a Dummies Guide for OSM. It is really a piece to entice people to contribute to OSM by showing easy steps, and some etiquitte, on how to contribute to OSM by loading tracks and by simple editing. I have put this article here on my page http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Detectist It fits before the Potlatch Primer and is really for those who are unsure whether to contribute and may be being put off by perceptions on how hard it is to contribute to OSM. I am still an absolute newbie to all this but have gained a little experience so thought that a guide from this perspective would be a useful contribution.
As this piece was being developed another newbie, who wanted to concentrate on editing as their country is reasonably well mapped in terms of uploaded ways, has enhanced the dummies guide from that beginner’s perspective. This second guide is close to being finalised.
The articles are stand alone and not intended to replace or be added to existing Wiki pages.
I have two questions - without offending anyone - how do we add:
(a) the Dummies Guide to the OSM wiki in a sensible place and link it appropriately to existing Guides; and
(b) the new piece, while a bit more involved, is still a newbie’s perspective of using Potlatch and is a combination of enticement to contribute to OSM and a preprimer to the existing Potlatch Primer.
Both articles have been edited (and the second one largely written) by a experienceded writer so the quality and expression of the writing, aimed at newbies, is pretty good ; ) .

Hi again
Given I’ve had no response I have now added a link from the Beginners’s Guide to my Page. I think it fits ok.