412 Mb size GPX file....

Some stupid posted 412 Mb size GPX file and blocked whole system for many hours… For at least 12 hours none of GPX files wasn’t processed. Can someone do something with it? Maybe removing the 412 Mb file from processing?!

I should tell you the forum is not the best place for this, because the admin’s are not hanging around here. IRC is the way to go, if you don’t have a irc client > irc.openstreetmap.org. I see the wiki also mentions the problem, i assume the admins know a about the problem. But you don’t have to wait on the queue, click on the edit link next to your trace and potlatch will read the gpx file directly. JOSM and merkaartor also load your gpx file from the disk.

The GPX reading software is being worked upon, it will be faster at some point.