3D topic at Chaos Communication Congress (30C3)?

Hi, maybe at least the german folks, who tracks the IT development, knows the Chaos Communication Congress (now at Hamburg). As I listened to the last OSM podcast by blog.openstreetmap.de, they asked if OSM could give a presentation. Of course they pointed out, that the CCC is focused on innovative topics, so “well here is an open mapping project” wont work :wink:

Personally I think the 3D topic is pretty cool and might get some attention to the developer scene, even if we currently have nothing ‘ready to use’ for the consumer. And hey, aren’t we at the frontline of new things at the OSM universe? :slight_smile:
AFAIK the talks can be in english or german as well, so what you say? Anybody interested?

I couldn’t work out from the site when or where the next event will take place. Not sure I can attend, but I would be happy to help produce a talk.

Thanks for your offer Oliver :slight_smile:

After chatting with a few (non OSM) friends, I must confess I’m now not sure if we should really start with an full talk. They pointed out, that we might get blame with things that currently doesn’t work or we might get stressed with discussions on design decissions.
So I asked the OSM guys, who were already there:

Yes, of course, I attend.
There is a lot to do and we need new friends.

The first question is: when?