3D modeling

Dear friends,
I saw already a lot of beautiful 3d models in Italy, but you have thousands and thousands beautiful historic monuments and other worldwide known buildings of italian architects.
I started to write the page:

Maybe this could help to make 3D models.
I´m still working on this page. In the next days comes there more and more especially under tipps and trics.
Of course you can add your content, based on your 3d modeling experience.

Thanks for sharing your information. I apreciated your wiki page.
Thank you very much.


Could you please also, * and maybe foremost*, include a stringent requirement for including a closed way or multipolygon with role=outline in a relation with type=building as per the Simple 3D specification?

If people start replacing all kinds of well known, but basically mapped, buildings with only half finished 3D models, not even bothering to build proper type=building relations with outlines, it will make a mess of the 2D map, even though it may look “nice” in 3D.