3D modeling and JOSM validation errors


I filled in 3D info of a few buildings:

They are composed of 2 parts: the main building and a small room on the roof. The relation of a building (https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/9463127) is made up of 3 members:

JOSM finds an error indicating that the points of the ways 209484396 “outline” and 682002688 “part” are identical (all points shared between the two ways).

Could I change something in the model, or can I ignore this validation error?

Thank you

Your mapping looks correct to me. Unfortunately, JOSM validator does show warnings for perfectly valid 3D mapping like that. Just ignore it.

I don’t see any wrong warning when I run validator.
On the other hand those objects were not changed since 2019, so maybe you modified something and did not yet upload?

Ok, I tested and I do indeed not get a warning for this particular building. But ironically, that’s because of a mapping mistake: The entrance=main node is part of the building outline, but not of the building part outline.

Once this is fixed, I get the usual incorrect warnings:

“Ways with same position”
“missing tag - building relation without building tag”

Both on S3DB-compliant data.

Thank you for your replies !

I made these mappings a few years ago, but I only recently found this forum to ask the question :slight_smile: