3D Development

My thesis topic is about 3D VGI and I want to work on OSM buildings data to create 3D building in OSM-3D.
I read in some papers that OSM did not support of LoD2 (complete) and LoD3 in its database, Is it right?
I want to understand that can I develop OSM database and 3D generator to support of LoD3? and Where should I start?

I’ll be happy if you help me.

S Mir, please contact me via mail.
I need more details to understand, what do you wish exactly. I introduced the LOD Idea for city models 1997. :wink:

S Mir, I assume you are referring to the LOD catgories of CityGML. OSM doesnt have a well developed LOD schema with discrete levels that can be modeled separately.
It builds on the available 2D data model. Search the wiki for the S3DB appraoch.
But if you browse this forum you will find many examples of what can be achieved with OSM already.
It is quite possible to create LOD2 shapes, but texturing is not available, because everything should be stored in the OSM database.
For more complex LOD3/LOD4 it is commonly agreed on that a separate dedicated 3D database must be set up with links to or from the OSM database. I think some people are already doing this for landmark buildings.

Some people make also with S3DB definition models,they´re de facto LOD3 or LOD4. See:
They don´t like separately models, and put everything in OSM.

In other words: You can start with status quo and try to find a good way for making LOD2 from LOD3 or LOD4.
We can already make LOD0 from LOD1 or LOD2 by ignoring of roof:shape=* values
It could be nice to find out/define a set of parameters for generalization of 3D models.
I´m working with a group of 5 students on 3D visualization Tool (Based on PlugIn Kendzi 3D). You can participate with your work and put aparts of collected experiences in this opensource software.

In addition to what Marek and Aschilli said, it could also help to check out some of the existing tools surrounding this topic, to get an understanding what’s currently possible with 3D OSM data.

Hello all,
Thank you all

yes I mean, this was.

do roof shapes support in OSM completely?

it means that we have to export data from OSM and create LOD3 and LOD4 out of OSM? for what the OSM’s database couldn’t support these?

OSM doesn’t have LOD3 and LOD4 and how can I use them for generalization?