3D Dev Weekend

Hi, as some pointed out in the german forums here there are some thoughts on a meeting with most of the developers that are involved in 3D related software.
As most of them come from Germany, we suggest a meeting in Garching or somewhere more central. It’s planned to happen somwhere in March 2012

What can be topics:
-OSM tagging schemes, tag use matrix, … → unite basic tagging scheme and document it
–How to deal with legacy tagging? What are defaults/fallbacks?
–Ugly to model examples?
–Interesting but still not widely used objects for 3D represantation (man_made=pipeline, …)
-cleanup/refactoring 3D related pages, extract general informations and create immidate wiki pages for that
-Who is working on what tasks? What is redundant and can be outsourced as general service? How can others help?
-Digital Elivation Model, What is needed for www.opendem.info?
-Tools/Sources for the community to measure/see 3D attributes (BING Birds view, …)
So as a result we want to give a good basic specification to the community and please them to make more 3D models within OSM and as a long goal to bring the 3D Community to OSM in 2012 and let them easily use OSM derived products.
See and expand:

Doodle date vote

So what is needed?
-Someone who will organize the event (mostly location and money aspects)
-Everybody: Further topics/aspects you like to discuss (maybe a wiki page)
-Everybody: How can we cleanup all of the 3D wiki pages (discussion at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:3D_Development))


such a workshop would be great and I’d like to participate in it.
+1 for Garching, since Marek already offered, that an organisation there would be feasible for him.
Participation of Kendzi and the Lodz guys would be really nice. But I have no idea about any possibilities for funding their visit… ?

Setting up a wiki page is a good idea, once we’ve agreed on date and location.


Do we have a cheap accomodation in Garching? What about a good seminar room for discussions and presentations?
Any ideas about possible alternatives?
What about Heidelberg oder Essen (Linux Hotel)?

Accomodation in Garching is still possible (Etap Hotel).
I think, the city will participate in, and we have enough seminar rooms here.

The people from Lodz comes too.

We could organise it in Heidelberg, too. Would be no problem!
@Marek: Have you got any confirmations from Lodz so far? Would you favour Garching or Heidelberg?

I have unfortunatly personal reasons to favour Garching.
I have also confirmation from Lodz too.
Please the time before 20.03!

So early in March, no problem we will keep it in mind.

Well ETAP doesn’t sound that cheap(50Eur) but might there be a chance to get support by the University? I don’t need anything luxury but cheap as a hostel would be cool! Anybody who can check this out? http://www.garching.de

I´ll try to get support from City Garching…
3x person guest rooms are for 119€ available


I’d suggest to organize 3D Dev Weekend just before or just after the FOSSGIS-Konferenz: Dessau (Germany), March, 20-22

I was linked to this thread by !i! (greatest username ever) from my blog post on OSM data in 3D (bit.ly/sZMBDX), thanks for thinking of me!

This sounds like a great idea to me! The thesis I’m working on is going to have a fair chunk about working with the OSM data and will be talking about the need for better 3D data within, coming from both local governments and local mappers. I’m New York based, so hopping on a plane for a day or two meetup causes some financial concern. That said, I’ve found myself in Bremen during the early part of the year for the last two years so the stars may yet align.

And Skype is also a beautiful thing :wink:

Well, I’d then tentatively suggest the weekend 09. - 11.03.12 in Garching. Any complaints at the moment??!

@sbook: nice work, would be great if you were in Germany at that time again, so you could join us!

@marek great, if it’s clear who’s attending, I can get in contact with FOSSGIS or OSMF to see if they can spend us some money for lower personal costs.

@bvbmatze date is ok just for me. As it’s month away I have no idea if it’s good or bad :wink: Then I will make sure that I will have the time for this meeting.
If anybody would start a doodle vote not a problem, but I guess as always we can’t get a solution where everybody is available.

Has anybody an idea how to organize an Discussion that embedds users via skype? I guess not that easy to do, just with Skype or?

Was man braucht ist doch lediglich eine Webcam und ein Beamer. Dann erkennt man zwar nicht so sehr viel, wenn die Bandbreite begrenzt ist, aber ich denke es geht eher ums das verstehen, als um das sehen oder?

Well yes but beside Audio/Video Equipment and quality I expect esp. problems in how to integrate external persons into the discussion. I only had it once during a bigger (~40) meeting but that was already very moderated. Ok I guess this is just another problem :slight_smile:

What about putting it more cloth to the FOSSGIS event? For me it would make more sense to travel around and I guess most of you will visit FOSSGIS conference, as well?

Hi, I’d like to participate too. My topic ideas: using external models in OSM (why yes, why no), how to guess objects height (high bridges, more bridges cross-over, rivers flows always down etc.), how to handle terrain properly (large objects on rough terrain, road crosswise down from hill), how to tag horizontal objects in different height (for example horizontal bridge under which is slowly decreasing terrain). Date and place is ok for me :slight_smile:

It’s great that so many people are interested in this!

I will definitely try to participate. As far as I can tell now, any weekend in March should be ok for me.

The meeting is a great idea!

I will also try to participate. At the moment every weekend in march except the first would be ok for me.

Possible topics/participants etc. should from now on be added to the new Wiki-Page:


There is also a Doodle poll on the date:


Would be up for this depending on what it covers. I’m a long way from Germany (S England) so might be tricky to get there but would like to come if I can. My specific interests are 3D countryside data visualisation on Android or WebGL.


If I understand you all right, then the most of you will visit the FOSSGIS conference, right?
So from 20-22.03 in Dessau.
But than it would make sense to do it directly 2days before or after this conference and of course in Dessau, doesn’t it?