3D Dev Weekend - Topics?

if you take a look at our ideas of topic that should be discussed in Garching, you will see that there is enough time left at the Saturday afternoon.

This is where we need your participation! Pick up topics of your interest, add them with an intro for motivation and set yourself as ‘moderator’ for the discussion

Keep in mind, that the agenda isn’t something final. We just want to get something like a roadmap and to make sure, that somebody take care about the topics. So this person tries to initiate/moderate the discussion and to give motivation to all others by presenting problems and possible sollutions that need to be discussed on a wider base.

Would be nice if we would have ~5 possible ideas, so it’s up to you to edit the wiki :wink:

Thanks, Matthias, for pushing the organisation of the 3D workshop forward!

I’ve structured the Agenda a bit with loose time frames in order to have an idea of how many time we will spend on which workshop parts.

As the introduction of the participants will certainly take at least Saturday morning and the Sunday is “reserved” for tagging discussions,
we still have Saturday afternoon to fill with meaningful content. We thought about 3-5 discussion sessions focusing on certain tasks,
which should be loosely chaired by someone in order to have a more or less structured discussion :slight_smile:

I will think about how the existing topics of the list can be meaningfully organised in those sessions.
This, as the whole Agenda, is however very preliminary and any changes and discussions on it are welcome!

Edit: I have tentatively splitted up the Saturday afternoon into 4 discussion sessions, which are oriented towards the traditional GIS workflow:
Data Capturing, Data Editing/Processing & Data Visualisation/Applications
(I left out the analysis part, since this is not the main focus here and mostly subject to people using OSM, however, it might also be included in the “applications” session)
Plus a 4th session about communication between 3D-related people in OSM in general & infrastructural issues, because I think these are very important points to discuss as well.
Feel free to add topics to the list of the sessions and/or suggest a different structure.

It would be great if we found for each session someone who is willing to do the chair.

Looking forward to the Workshop! :slight_smile:


I am interested in discussing algorithms:

First of all,

  1. how to combine SRTM and OSM data to get correct elevation profiles for 3D roads, building, forests
  2. how to draw roofs of Subtype 9
  3. how to automatically position windows and doors for buildings
  4. how to realistically represent millions of trees

Also I suggest to discuss a collection of realistically looking textures for POV-Ray-based applications (e.g. a texture for asphalt roads, tracks, footways, water, buildings, etc)

Thats great @vvoovv exatly what I’m looking for. Just add a session maybe “techniques/algorithms” and add yourself as chair. Would be great if you find some time to ping some specific devs and encourage them to preapare some sketches of their solutions for this part.

@bvbmatze Thanks for that :slight_smile: Maybe we should try to add some more specific questions/goals for the discussion to avoid getting just a few “impressions” but nothing really meaningfull for the later teamwork

I added myself for the 3D Visualisation topic, hope it’s ok for everybody.

I don’t see a time slot for the “algorithms” section. Can we start a social event later?

Sure, but currently the topics are just suggestions, as there are no moderators/chairs and we have to see in Garchingen, who/how much are interested in the discussions. Maybe we can splitup in 2 parallel sessions, that just depends on us.

Concerning the section “3D Data Capturing”,
I can show how to reconstruct buildins from photos with Google Sketchup, how to derive building measurements from photos and how to use OSM plugin for Google Sketchup. I can try to accomplish everything in 10 minutes.

Is there an interest?

Hi vvoovv,

that sounds great and would definitely fit very well in that session. Would be very nice if you prepared a brief showcase or so.

Regarding your additional session proposal: I think most of your topics thematically fit in one of the other sessions, so I’d suggest to split them
up and try to avoid the additional session. The discussions will probably last longer than planned anyway and if we have a 6th session
the day will become very very long… :wink:

My suggestion:
Put most of your points into the “3D Visualisation” session, as it fits well and we do not have that many points to discuss in there so far anyway.
Your suggestions regarding the external repositories for textures would fit perfectly into the “3D Data Editing and Processing” session.

Do you agree with this change to the Agenda? If so, please incorporate your topics into the other sessions.
I wanted to discuss that here with you first before editing it on my own without asking you :slight_smile:


I’ve incorporated all your suggestions