3D buildings from osm to kml

I want to make a local layer for Google Earth with 3d buildings like in OSM.
Where can I download osm with 3D buildings for specific city or selected area?
And how should I convert downloaded osm to google earth format?
I need the result like this

so you want to do something like http://osmbuildings.org ?

IIR you must not mix google maps/googe earth with non google data. that is a restriction from google, i think.



So can anyone know how to take buildings heigth from OSM and visualize them is google earth??

Maybe a starting point can be https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Simple_3D_buildings

I don’t know about any software that can directly export OSM building models als KML, but you could take an existing 3D rendering software and convert its output to KML somehow.

OSM2World can output OBJ files, for example, and you should be able to convert those to KML. Never done that myself, though, and it’s not going to be easy to get it all working.

oh, thanks for advice. I found solution.
download area in osm format → convert to obj with osm2world → convert obj to kmz with SOLA G2.
One question only. How to calculate center coordinates of my area to specify in SOLA G2 options???
and how to convert heavy osm files to obj? tried osm2world.sh -i a.osm -o b.osm and it’s working for 2 hours already.(osm file is 1.5gb)

upd. after 150 minutes osm2world aborted with out of memory error…

Try to decrease the file size and increase your RAM.

Also increasing the number of your edits (currently zero) in OSM is certainly a good idea.

OSM2World includes the center coordinates in the .obj file as a comment.

If you want really large areas you probably need to split them into smaller parts before conversion. The RAM you need for processing the file is far, far larger than the space a compressed osm file needs on disk.