3D buildings appearing out of nowhere


I’m kind of baffled by something and I’m not sure If I’m even in the right place but here goes:

I work for a small mapping SaaS company which uses OSM for some base maps and 3D building data. One customer is currently adding/editing buildings in his local area. Now, a few 3D buildings have started appearing on his maps which are simply not there in OSM, He himself has been adding and editing buildings in this specific area in OSM, he knows it’s accurate and these buildings seem to be based on one of the other satellite sources in OSM (which isn’t up to date) but no buildings have been added to the OSM map itself. Here is the field in question:

Beacon College Athletic field which has no buildings :


Link to our map of the same athletic field with two 3D buildings which are not in OSM but are on our map (OSM is our only source of 3D building data)


So I’m trying to figure out if there could be someone else adding buildings from another source which is leading to other buildings appearing on our maps.

I am aware that half of this is not OSM related so any help appreciated.

Do you have a means of verifying how old your OSM dataset is, or what the IDs of said buildings are?

One possible explanation is that these buildings are in fact from OSM, but have since been deleted in the main OSM database. If you’re working from an older snapshot of OSM data, it might be from before that deletion. I see that you’re using Mapbox as a data provider, for example – is that the source you’re using for the 3D buildings, too? They are known to have a considerable delay in pulling updates from OSM.

I had the same idea and have checked some overpass-date-things and nothing found (whodidit works not now again, what should be easier.)

i think the buildings are from a mixup from osm and mapbox(other resources).

Edit: Whodidit works now, and there are no significant deletions since april. my overpass-tests was for january 19 and 18.