3d building basics


I have started editing osm for a few months now and I think I have started to get a hang of it. I use the browser based editor and also streetcomplete on android but I’ve wanted to make 3d buildings.

I understand there is a lot to learn and thousands of houses to map and roads to fix but I also wanted to learn to make 3d buildings so a couple of days ago I started work on a random house and I tried to copy the settings I saw on an actual 3d building but it didnt work.

I did actually get the general shape of a building but I am unable to work on roofs. They just dont show up. I have tried to use on top of the building area itself lines and areas and tagged building part = yes, then tried roof ridge and roof edge and then its height but all 3d maps like f4 map or osmbuildings just show up as a block with no roof. It did get a color though.

My question, is there any browser editor for doing this kind of work? I am fine with doing it manually, understandably it would take a shit load of time to do one but just saying. I am on linux BTW.

Hi edugatei56,

the basic editors are not really made for 3D. If you would use JOSM, you could use the Plugin “Kendzi 3D” to preview your work. F4 does NOT show your changes in real time. Sometimes it needs some weeks.

By the way, I cannot see any change under https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/edugatei56
Please post a link (like https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/123033472 ) to the building, that “doesn’t work”.