3 Pagoda border

Looking at map at 3 Pagoda border crossing to Myanmar
I have the impression that it is … not perfectly correct.
Where is the border? Several residential roads just cross the “current” border. Road names are shared between sides.
Can someone with ground knowledge take a look at that area?

Yes, this is certainly broken. Had been there before. There might be easy ways for the locals to cross the border. Certainly behind the south-west end behind the shops you simply step out and are on the Burmese road. Motorcycles waiting there for transport (or did years ago). I think the roads round the houses might actually connect, but legally they are no way to pass through. Tolerated for locals. On the way towards Thail

All the road names are bogus. I left a comment in https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/52198491
Obviously all these names are also used on the Burmese side. Maybe Burmese language?

way 82575710 for example is called Panitch Soi 4.
Also visible on GSV, but we can’t use this as a source.

I adjusted the border to my best knowledge and disconnected the ways crossing the border. Local survey probably can detail it and add something access=no to indicate that the way is not (officially) to be used.

Please have a look and if that changeset does not receive good feedback in a few days, remove the broken naming.

I also feel the name of the village missing. I thought it was there years ago. If I happen to find the photo of it I will add it back. Until then I believe it is called like the school.

Thanks for the edit, Stephan. FYI, I skipped the area when importing the Thai-Myanmar border from LSIB data in 2015, so the existing data should all be from manual edits.