2tracks I added yesterday are only visible at 500foot scale

When viewing OpenStreetMap for this location
N44 17.882, W85 37.739
I added a 2 TRACK to an existing 2 Track extending it South to “West 32 Road”
When you view OpenStreetMap at scale of 1000f, you see the old “incomplete” trail

Only when you zoom in to 500f or closer, do you see the “complete” trail.

Why is this happening

It is making it difficult to see which trails I have “fixed” and which ones still need to be fixed". I have to zoom into 500f and then “slide around”


Hi gregcrago and welcome to Openstreetmap! :slight_smile:

The map you see is generated from the data that you/we all put into the openstreetmap database. Generating this map takes time. So when you view a certain piece of the map, it checks if somethings changed since it created (rendered) the map. If something changed, it starts to redraw the map which might take a bit (normally a couple of minutes, sometimes even hours).

Thats why simetimes things appear/disappear on the map at different zoom levels.

In addition to the points Theodin mentioned, your web browser may be caching some of the map graphic tiles.