2022 OSM Foundation election - Submission of self-nominations for the board election is open


There will be an OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) board election in December 2022 and you can put yourself forward as a board candidate by adding your information here.

Four of the seven board seats are available:

Meanwhile, the terms of Guillaume Rischard, Mikel Maron and Roland Olbricht continue. Board terms are usually two years until the seat comes up for re-election.

You can find information what the board is/is not, rules and responsibilities and personal views of current and past board members at this section.

Eligibility criteria for board candidates

Any person may be elected to become a board member, provided that:

  • They are normal OSMF members(1) 28 days before the General Meeting, and
  • they have been a normal member or associate(2) member during the full 180 days(3) before the General Meeting, and
  • are willing to act as a board member, and
  • are permitted by law to do so.

(1) Normal members provide their full residential address and can vote on all issues. Their residential address may be disclosed to other members.
(2) Associate members provide just their country of residence and can vote - but not on all issues. More information here.
(3) 180 days: OSMF membership start date before 13 June 2022, if the Annual General Meeting takes place on 10 December 2022, as scheduled.

Finding the type of your OSMF membership (normal/associate)

If you want to find out the type of your membership (Normal or Associate), please check the most recent approval/renewal membership email or email the volunteers of the Membership Working Group at membership@osmfoundation.org from the email address which is associated with your OSMF membership.

Associate members who want to become board candidates

You can change your OSMF membership from associate to normal membership by emailing the volunteers of the Membership Working Group at membership@osmfoundation.org

  • Send your email from the email address which is associated with your OSM Foundation membership.
  • It is necessary to provide your residential address, which will be available to other OSMF members.
  • Please change your membership type before adding your self-nomination to the candidates’ table below. If you decide to be a candidate at the last minute, you can still add yourself as an associate member, but you have to change your membership type immediately after the submission period of self-nominations closes. In this case please email both membership at osmfoundation.org and dorothea at osmfoundation.org Thank you.

For candidates - general information

  • Please do not answer the questions by the community at this stage. Mike Collinson (facilitator for the questioning process) will publish an official set of questions, based on this year’s community questions and past ones. The official set of questions will be published above the community questions, probably on 2022-11-06 atthe"talk" page of the election on the OSM wiki and board candidates will be notified.
  • Please send your answers and manifesto as .txt files with Mediawiki formatting for links, lists, etc.
  • Send your answers to the official questions and your manifesto directly to the facilitator and cc me (mike at ayeltd.biz, dorothea at osmfoundation.org). It’s up to you to answer all the official questions or just a few of them. Our suggestion is to answer all of them.
  • When candidates have submitted their answers, there will be a given date when answers/manifestos will be published at once. The proposed date is 18 November.
  • Then discussion commences, preferably until 3 December 16:00 UTC, when voting opens.

This is expected to be the official election campaign process. We won’t restrict members to continue to talk on our members’ mailing list nor will we restrict candidates to continue discussions, but we don’t encourage them to do so. The official answers and questions thereof should be what voters use to judge.

You can already start writing your manifesto. More information is available on the OSM wiki: Foundation/AGM2022/Election to Board - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Additional resources

For more information regarding the 2022 OSM Foundation board election and the 16th Annual General Meeting please see the following links:



[OSMF board candidates] Reminder

The deadline for nominating yourself as an OSM Foundation board candidate is this Saturday, 22 October 2022 at 23:59 UTC.

There are currently two candidates for the four available board seats. Board members are volunteers and board terms are usually two years until the seat comes up for re-election. You can find more information on the first post of this thread.