2022 Census in the Argentine Republic

On 2022-05-18 a national census in charge of INDEC will start in argentina (official site). Sometime down the line new population data for settlements will be available.

Please be advised about this upcoming event.

Nice. Is there any information on how and under what license this data will be published?

Excelent question!
INDEC publishes their reports under a CC-BY license. Also, on the 2010 Census’ database portal (2010 Census database) there’s a sentence that reads (translation mine)

For publishing information obtained with this program REDATAM +SP, source should be cited in the following manner: :“Fuente: elaboración propia en base a datos del INDEC. Censo Nacional de Población, Hogares y Viviendas 2010, procesado con Redatam +Sp”.

That attribution statement wouldn’t be sufficient (it doesn’t say if commercial use is allowed). For compatible licences see this wiki page.

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As the last census is 12 years old, we maybe should just wait for this one and see what it’s licensed?

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