2 imageries as 1

Are there really 2 different imagery services?
Are they really different?
I have noticed that the latests imageries are exactly the same, clouds, old data and so on!

Are you referring to the background imagery available when editing OpenStreetMap? There are many different services depending on where you are editing. Which two are you referring to?

The background imagery at ID editor.
Bing and Maxar are exactly the same, even the clouds.

Depending on where in the world you’re looking at, you will have different imagery providers available. Hence alan_gr’s question.

Now, imagery providers generally do not capture all their images themselves. Instead, they will frequently buy images from someone else. If multiple imagery providers bought their images for a particular location from the same third-party source (or from each other), they will end up showing the same images in that particular location. They will still have different images elsewhere, though.