2-1 roads in Norway?

Are there any so-called 2-1 roads in Norway?

According to the rather short wiki article, there are in-use in Denmark and Sweden. This is the same as the chaucidou in France.

It is somewhat related to similar concepts known as “advisory cycle lane” in Britain and Ireland, “Schutzstreifen” in Germany and “Fietsuggestiestroken” in the Netherlands and Belgium.

I have not seen any of those in Norway. Motorways are required to have a wide shoulder to accommodate emergencies, however I believe that is a different concept.


No so-called 2 minus 1 exist in Norway. Trials with 2 minus 1 roads has been proposed multiple times, but none have been carried through yet.

That’s great, don’t let that cancer get to you! :wink:

Trials with sharrows was however carried through in 2020, and the road adminstraction liked the concept, because the number of cyclist using the sidewalk was reduced. Cycling on sidewalks are legal in Norway.
Sharrows was taken into the manual for road markings the year after, so more sharrow marking can be expected in the future.