1st Edit - can someone check please?

I use PocketEarth Pro for iPhone, live in Singapore and found quite a few places are missing so I thought I’d see if I can help fill in some gaps.
I’ve added two new places in Singapore 1) 3 Petits Croissants and 2) Haagen Dazs in Holland Village.

I’d appreciate it if someone could see if they can find both of these and if they look alright before I jump on in and start adding stuff.

Hello Craig, welcome to OSM!!

There are several tools how you or we can monitor changesets for OSM users.

The most simple way is via your edits’ history via http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/craig4wd/history

or via “latest-changes tool” by user Tyrasd … http://tyrasd.github.io/latest-changes/#14/1.3120/103.7968

(this service only displays seven days back from now!) … Try the “achavi” links there to display the content of each changeset.

There are even more services, consult the OSM wiki about Quality Assurance.

Due to a lack of time I cannot evaluate your edits today … maybe some other can have a closer look?

I added some comments in the changesets.