1948 & 1967 border lines?

I am noticing that 1948 & 1967 lines in Golan heights are not visible anymore. why is that?

way 138142172 represents most of the 1949 Israeli-Syrian Armistice Line east of the Golan. This way has last been changed on June 29 2015.

The 1967 Israeli-Syrian Armistice Line seems to be visible on openstreetmap.org map. Most of it is defined by way 198206199. It was last changed on September 15 2016, but there was no significant change in its tag values since it was created on December 26 2012.
See the tag history table at http://osmlab.github.io/osm-deep-history/#/way/198206199

Can you elaborate on which map/site you are looking at, and when was it that you’ve see the lines before.

Thank you,
They are not visible enough for a presentation I’m making, I’ll try to work around that.