10 times Düsseldorf Main Station - bug?


if you look at http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=51.219834&lon=6.794381&zoom=18&layers=B000FTF

I count D.-dorf Main station 10 times. Is that a bug that 10 people haven’t checked that the name was already there? Or is that a technical issue?

Regards, K.

It’s neither a technical issue nor a personal issue.
As each rail is drawn individually, and furthermore each rail has its own railway=halt-node.
In the underground there are in fact 4 subway-rails, which I wanted to draw individually as well, and on the area in front of the station-building there are in fact more than 2 stops.

What a luck, not every bus_stop ist rendered with it’s name… :smiley:
If I remember everything correctly there are 17 platforms (with its own rail) for regional trains and about 19 stops for local transport (including buses)…

The only point I would agree to you are those two railway=…-nodes having no rail under them. They’re more or less useless, but I think they’re used for the relations of the regional transport.

I actually would call it a rendering issue, as imho every stop needs a name tag. The ÖPNV-Karte renders it quite well, but also only if you’ve no high zoom level.

Not sure why the individual nodes on the railway lines need to be tagged railway=station; tagging the main building would seem to be enough.

The individual nodes on each railway line should be tagged as railway=stop, not railway=station.
Plus there should be one node or area tagged as railway=station. That is what the wiki seems to say anyway: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Railway_stations

There are also proposals for a “stop area” relation to group these all together.